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(valid from December 2023)

The visitor (user) of the web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum https://ft-museum.gr and its related websites grants his consent to the following terms of use, which apply to all content (pages, images, photos, files). The visitor must read and carefully study these terms before visiting or using the pages and/or services provided by the website.

The terms of use are addressed to any person who visits any page of the web portal. The visit and use of this website and its related websites implies the unconditional and explicit acceptance of these terms. In case the visitor disagrees with any of the terms, he/she must not use them.

The entire content of the web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, videos, paintings, graphics, fonts, illustrations, services provided and generally any kind of archive are the subject of intellectual property and are governed by Greek, European and international copyright provisions, with the exception of explicitly recognized rights of third parties. Therefore, reproduction, copying, republication, sale, transmission is strictly prohibited, save, distribute, issue, run, upload, translation, modification in any way, partially or in summary, without the express prior written consent of the beneficiary. Registered trademarks and trade names included in this website are registered trademarks and are protected by the above intellectual property provisions.

By way of exception, it is permitted to store and copy parts of the content individually on a personal computer for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation and subject to the indication of its source of origin, without this meaning the granting of intellectual property rights. The elements of the content of the web portal that are registered trademarks and products of intellectual property of third parties go back to their own sphere of responsibility and are not related to the web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum.

The use of the web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum must be made exclusively for legitimate purposes. The visitor (user) is obliged to comply with the applicable provisions of Greek, European and international law and the relevant legislation on telecommunications, as well as these terms of use. The visitor (user) must not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage, malfunction, negative influence or endanger the services provided. In the event of any action, claim, administrative or judicial, resulting from any form of violation of the user against this website, the latter undertakes to intervene in the relevant judicial procedure and to compensate the website in the event that he is obliged to pay compensation or other expenses.

All information contained in the Philatelic and Postal Museum web portal is available to visitors for personal use and may be changed without any prior notice. The Philatelic and Postal Museum, without guaranteeing and therefore being responsible, makes the utmost effort to ensure that the information and all content is clear, accurate, complete, current and available. In addition, it makes a great effort for the proper functioning of the network and its servers, although it does not guarantee that the functions will be uninterrupted or error-free, free from malware or viruses or similar elements. Under no circumstances, including negligence, may the Philatelic and Postal Museum incur liability for any damage caused to the public by the use of this website.

This web portal contains links to other websites developed by other organizations and individuals. These links shall be included for the purpose of serving users. The Philatelic and Postal Museum is not responsible for their content and services and the user of the linked websites is solely responsible for any problem that may arise during the use of the services and their content.

The web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum takes every possible measure to protect the data of its visitors. Personal information submitted by users is protected, both online and offline.

The Philatelic and Postal Museum is the sole owner of the information collected on this website. The collected information will not be sold, shared, or rented to third parties other than those mentioned in this statement. The web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum collects information from users in various parts of the web pages.

The collection, processing and management of users’ personal data by the Philatelic and Postal Museum and its related websites are subject to the terms of this privacy statement, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek and European legislation on the protection of individuals and personal data, as they apply. The user of the website of the Philatelic and Postal Museum and its related websites retains all rights deriving from the Greek and European provisions, as well as the rights of access, correction, completion and deletion of his personal data.

Minors have access to the web portal and the services provided only with the consent of their parents and/or guardians and are not required to disclose their personal information.

The web portal of the Philatelic and Postal Museum uses the IP addresses (internet protocol) of users to extract statistical data concerning the traffic and management of the website. IP addresses are not linked to users’ personal data under any circumstances.

This contract of use shall be governed by the provisions of Greek, European and international law. It shall be interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, fair dealing and economic and social purpose of the right. In the event that a provision is found to be contrary to the Law and therefore invalid or voidable, it automatically ceases to apply, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. Competent courts for any disputes arising from this contract are the Courts of Athens.

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