Accessibility statement

Last Update: December 2023

Accessibility statement

The Philatelic and Postal Museum is committed to making its website https://ft- museum.gr accessible, according to the provisions of law 4727/2020 (Government Gazette 184 A’ 23-09-2020), as applicable.

Application of the accessibility statement

This accessibility statement applies to https://ft-museum.gr.

Compliance status

The https://ft-museum.gr website is largely in line with the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA).

Drawing up this accessibility statement

This statement was drawn up on 1 December 2023. The assessment of the website’s compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2102 was carried out by self- assessment and using a tool available free on platform www.accessibilitychecker.org.

Submission of comments and contact details

According to the provisions of law 4727/2020 (Government Gazette 184 A’ 23–09–2020), Article 45, any interested party has the right to submit comments/observations or an application for information on the state of compliance or an application for missing information. For communication on the above, any interested party may send an email to ftm@mindigital.gr.

Reply procedure

The Philatelic and Postal Museum replies to the interested person in an appropriate way. In the event of an unsatisfactory reply, the person concerned may apply to the Greek Ombudsman (https://www.synigoros.gr).

There is a continuous effort by the Philatelic and Postal Museum to improve and repair accessibility problems, with regular checks on www.accessibilitychecker.org, the open- source software tool Lighthouse and all available tools. However, despite our desire to make all https://ft-museum.gr pages and content fully accessible, some content may not yet have fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards.

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