Virtual Reality Exhibition with Selected Museum Material of the Philatelic and Postal Museum

You can view the selected museum material in two ways, either through the Virtual Reality Exhibition or through our specially designed Catalog. Our applications are designed for use on PCs and mobile devices and aiming at maximum usability for all our visitors.

Instructions for the Virtual Reality Exhibition

You can enter the Virtual Reality Exhibition through your browser. You can use for your navigation either the mouse and keyboard or the touch screen. Also, mouse-only navigation is possible for added convenience. To enter the Virtual Reality Exhibition, it is recommended that you use a PC with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser for optimal performance. It is reminded that Virtual Reality applications have increased computing requirements and older PCs or mobile devices may not respond as expected. In case you would like to access the Exhbition for your smartphone or tablet you can use the version developed for portable devices.

Instructions for the Catalog of Selected Museum Material

You can access the Catalog through the browser by following the link. The selected stamps are displayed in order in a preview accompanied by information. Each stamp has a magnification and observation function which is activated either by placing and moving the mouse cursor on the stamp or by selecting the stamp. Depending on your internet connection speed the upload may take a little longer than usual, during the upload process you will be able to navigate the page but the zoom features may not be available.